opening november 8th 2022

About Us

Our Restaurant, Chef and Staff



The name of our restaurant is a tribute to Marcel Pagnol, the French writer and director. He wrote extensively about the atmosphere and simple joie de vivre of typical Provence villages. Pagnol is just that, a community within a community, a little bit of Provence in your backyard.


Chef David Amar

A native from south central France, His Father was a career officer in the Gendarmerie which lead the Family to move around the country over the years.

From region to region, David got impassioned with the diversity of terroirs and environment of France.

From early childhood, whether helping his Mother or Grand Mother, He began apprenticing without knowing what would become his trade.

David graduated from culinary trade school in the town of Arles in Provence after apprenticing with Michelin star Chef Jerome Laurent, “le Cilantro”, worked his way up the ranks from apprentice to line.

“On a sweet September night in 2006, as I was getting ready to close for the night, walked in a most charming lost tourist from Kitsap County. Today, she is my wife of 12 years!”

Chef Amar is the executive chef for the Kitsap Golf and Country Club since 2016.

Carla Grahn, Artist

Born and raised in Kitsap county, Carla always had an inquisitive mind which lead her from Asia to Africa, Europe and of course the United State.

Carla got impassioned with the world of Metal and art over 25 years ago after taking a jewelry class, her media involve a range of material from steel to paper, reclaimed and found pieces. She is the recipient of numerous awards and has shown her art in many a gallery from Switzerland, France and Washington. She also teaches creative metalwork both at Pratt fine Art in Seattle, and Barn in Bainbridge Island.

Special Events and Catering


Our restaurant is available for private events: weddings, business lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

Seasonal and Local



The Importance of local Farmers

Responsible farmers and farming practices are an integral part of proper land management.

Maintenance of the land, by planting, grazing, mulching… help prevent erosion, flooding and fires.

Furthermore, local farmers are the guardians of local flavor and culinary traditions.

I choose, as much as possible, to work with local seasonal produce. They always more flavorful harvested at the peak of ripeness.

“you can taste the care the farmer put in the produce from seedling to harvest and even transport”

For the fiscal argument, Keeping the small farmers around provides jobs, reduces vacant lots, beautify the landscape, reduces the amount of pollutant and the doctor bill and land repair cost..